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Shadow Of The Colossus Crack.26 [Latest]




> It was a completely unknown genre for me, and when I first heard of Shadow of the Colossus, I saw it as a long Japanese movie. That's the best way I can explain it. Why did you decide to do the game with this style? > I like what director Fumito Ueda is trying to create with this game. For me, when I look at Shadow of the Colossus, I see that the game has a specific atmosphere, almost a specific mood. What's the essence of that mood? > The concept of this game is that the player is a being from another world who wants to explore a different world and learn about the different culture. What's the essence of this world? > The world is dark. Yes. > I wanted a dark world to contrast with the player's life in that other world, and then I used color to try to set the mood of the game. How did you choose the color palette of the game? > I have this idea of a dark feeling. I have to make something dark. I wanted to use the color of blue to express the color of a dark room. Why did you use blue as the color for this world? > I like the color of blue. I agree. > I like the color of water, too. Water is the same as blue. I'm pretty sure I don't agree. > I saw a Japanese poster of a hotel, and it had the same blue color. It just made me feel happy, so I kept using that. That's why you have the water feel? > That's right. What did you want the player to feel in the world of Shadow of the Colossus? > I wanted to create a world where the player could have a very close connection with his or her environment. That's an interesting idea. > I wanted to create a world where there would be no obstacles, and the world would be a place you could explore as much as you wanted to, and if you wanted to, you could touch the grass. I see. > I wanted the player to learn something about the environment. What did you learn about the environment? > I learned that the environment has an amazing shape. What did you learn about the people of the world?



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Shadow Of The Colossus Crack.26 [Latest]

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